Frequently Asked Questions

Preparing For Your Tour

Luggage Limits and Restrictions

Cargo space on our vans is very limited therefore we must enforce our luggage limiations. Luggage restrictions vary depending on the length of each tour and the support equipment used. You will be provided detailed luggage information with you tour info packet.

What Should I Bring?

Pack light: Most of locations are small cities and towns. For the most part, attire will be very casual, so you can leave the tux and tiara at home! There iwill be access to laundry facilities at most hotels.

Climate: May-June-Sept-Oct, can have cool days and evenings. Bring a warm sweater or light jacket. You may want a long-sleeved cycling jersey and pants. During July & Aug. days can be hot and humid. Make sure you are cycling in cool fabrics, however a light sweater may still be desired at night.

Special Items: Hat, sunscreen, bathing suit, towel, bug spray, rain gear, rain poncho for your bike.

Reservation & Booking

Making a Reservation

All reservations can be made our our website using the "Book Now" button, or from the links provided on the detail page for each tour.

Cancellation Policy

You can read and download a full copy of our Reservation and Cancellation policy.

Making Payments

A $500 per person deposit is charged when booking your reservation. You will be invoiced for the balance in 2 addtional payments. Full payment is due at least 45 days prior to the tour start date.

What is the minimum age to join a tour?

The minimum age to particpate in any tour is 14, however some more advance tours may have a higher age requirment. If a specific tour has a high minimum age requirment it will be posted in the details block. All guest under 18 years of age must be accommpanied by at least 1 parent.

Bikes & Gear

Best Bet Bikes

You can bring your bike or use our rentals for any tour. Here are our recommendations for best type of bike to use for each tour: Cape Cod & Martha's Vineyard: Road or Hybrid Erie Canal - GAP - Katy: Hybrid Petit Train Du Nord - Eastern Shore: Road or Hybrid Lake Champlain Loop: Road or Hybrid NH Covered Bridges: Hybrid or Gravel Bike

Can I bring my own bike?

Of course, but if you bring your own bike you'll need to bring your own gear as well. We recommend bringing a rear trunk to carry stuff like hat, sunscreen, rain gear, etc. You'll also need to bring tubes that fit your tires.

Renting A Bike

You can rent one of our high quality Trek Verves or Genze e-Bike. Check our "Bike & Gear" page for full details & descriptions. Our bikes include use of rear trunk and you can request option toe clips. Sorry, we do not allow swapping out pedals or bike seats.

Can I bring my own pedals and/or seat?

You sure can! Thought we cannont guaranty that your seat post will fit our bikes. Please call if you have any questions.

Daily Ride Support

Do you shuttle our luggage?

Yes, luggage is shuttle to your hotel each day.

What does the SAG van provide?

The SAG (support and gear) Van always has cold water and snack. There is also first aid kits, tools, bike pump availabile for your use.

Will you help if I have a bike problem?

Absolutely! We'll do our best to help you work out any mechanical bike issue. If we can't get your issue resolved we'll get your personal bike to the nearest bike shop. If you are using our rentals, we'll swap out your bike if there is a mechanical issue.

What if I can't ride all the miles on any given day?

Everyone is always welcome to skip a few miles by riding in the SAG van. Use the SAG van to take a break if you are tired, or hot. The van follows along the tour so you'll still see all the highlights, and you can ride as much or as little as you like!

Touring Styles

What is  Hub & Spoke Tour

With a Hub & Spoke tour, you stay in only 1 or 2 hotels for the entire tour. Each day we pedal off for adventures from the base “HUB”.

What is an On Demand Tour?

With our On Deman tours you can cycle the same awesome itineary as our schedule group tours, but you select the dates you want to do your tour. You'll enjoy the same great support, daily luggage transport, have a dedicated crew member and support van at your service, but you'll cycle self-guided. Most On Demand tours require a minimum of 4 guests.

Do you offer custom itineraries?

We sure do! We can work with your group of 8 or more to create and deliver a cycling adventure specifically for you. Call our office to discuss.